Time for Big School!

September 2015


It was finally time for Ryan to start on his new school journey. We said farewell to his nursery two months ago and had a slow summer break. Prior to his first day, as parents, we semi-prepared him by bringing him to get his uniforms, showing him his school and sharing with him what are some possible activities he can expect when he attends school. The first day was especially nice that Gong Gong and MaMa were present to share this special day with him, other than just me, E and Gillian.


Now that my parents are here, the morning breakfast routine is much more leisurely for me. It used to be a mad rush, with me waking up much earlier than everyone to ensure that breakfast is on the time. With my mom(who is a great chef) and my Papa(who is fastidious about cleanliness), life cannot be more relaxing. And I totally need to go slower at 36 weeks +1 day. As of now, my mom is in charge of preparing Ryan’s snack and lunch box. The best thing about it is that he always finishes everything MaMa prepares! Ryan loves her cooking, just like me! I should post a picture of his 愛心 lunch. Probably do that tomorrow on the blog!

So far, Ryan has been sharing with me mostly positive things about this experience in big school. He likes his teacher(Ryan thinks his teacher is hilarious!) and the activities they do in school. He tells me about the things he does with his classmates and friends as well. He also expressed how much he missed me and Gillian throughout the day which is really sweet of him. In fact, Gillian and Ryan always have his tender-sweet moments when Ryan returns from school. They would greet each other with such excitement, followed by kisses all over each other faces and a huge bear hug at the end of it. It always melts my heart whenever I see them behave in such a loving manner.


There would be even more ‘firsts’ for E and myself as parents in the future. While I am always the concerned and nervous one, I have to be thankful for having E, as my ever-optimist to remind me that things are actually progressing normally. As Ryan starts on his new school journey, I pray that he will develop the love for learning, to be able to make good friends and to grow to be more God-centered.



Click here to read about Ryan’s first day in Nursery! He have changed so much in just one year!



School- The Big Dig Day

March 2014


Here’s the kiddos, getting ready to leave for school. Weather has been on the colder side this week. Boohoo. Still trying to keep to my commitment of bringing the kids out at least once a day.



Ryan’s school has a Big Dig Day event today. Basically, kids will be involved in gardening, planting of seeds and so on. The kids sure looked like they were having fun getting real dirty with all the soil and mud.







Ryan, hogging the toy cars, refusing to let them go.



My lil’ schoolboy!

January 2013


Ryan finally got his uniform for school! Isn’t he such a cutie!


Hugging his friends in the morning.





Doing some class work.

On a side note, Ryan(as at 20 months) is able to identify 1 to 10 and say it correctly. Just when I thought I was quite happy with his progress, I found out that one of his peers is able to identify and say 1 to 10 in English and Chinese. (-_-)”’ Kids are like super smart or something these days. Now, Ryan is able to say 1 to 10 in Chinese but unable to identify the letters.


Hi Mummy! I am studying!


Actually, I prefer wrestling! (!!!)



Kiddos listening intently to Teacher Maureen!


Observations after Ryan’s second week in school:

1. He naps 3 hours(compared to his previous 2 hours nap) immediately after school. A sign of sheer exhaustion because of too much play and brainwork(maybe?).

2.Putting him to sleep at 10pm is much easier than before. However, he wakes up at 6.30am everyday.

3. We are still trying to teach him how to share his toys with his peers. Not an easy feat but we are trying.

4. He is excited about going school. When my mother tells him that it is time to get ready for school, he will rush to the door and say, “School, school!”

5. He loves his green schoolbag and we have just bought him a new hat for him to wear as my mother cycles him to school under the hot sun.


Hello Doctor Ryan!

January 2012

DSC02306 DSC02309

Baby Ryan loves to play doctor! Even when he is at home!


Finger Printing!
I tried to do finger/hand printing with Ryan during the December holidays but it was not successful because he was so worried about getting his hands dirty that he ran away whenever he sees me with paint and the brushes. I tried painting my hands and showed me there is nothing to fear but he disliked it as well. Hence, I am quite surprised that he was cooperative for the finger printing exercise in school. I suspect it might be a group thing- because he saw other kids participating, he wanted to be part of it as well.


Listening intently to story telling… 🙂


My Baby Ryan Yap!


School is fun because Baby Ryan gets to dance!


Snack time- My mother prepared Wang Wang biscuits for him.


Kiddos getting ready to go home!


School- Baby Ryan’s 2nd Day!

January 2013


Going school with Mama on a bicycle!
Hope that Ryan will recall Mama’s effort in bringing him up while E and I are working away during the weekdays.

Heard from Mama that once she dressed Ryan up for school and passed him his school bag, he became super excited and ran towards the main door, waiting for my mother to bring him to school.

PicMonkey Collage1

My Baby Boy, at 20 months! A ball of cuteness!

PicMonkey Collage-2





Actually, it is quite interesting to hear snippets of Ryan’s school life everyday. One of his classmates was quite unsettled in class and ended up crying quite frequently. Surprisingly, Ryan went towards him and gave him a hug. Awwww…..





You can see that Ryan enjoys the sing-song sessions. I heard from Mama that he loves the song- 5 Little Monkeys so much that he requested(by going, “More! More!”) the teacher to sing it again and again!




Baby Ryan having his snack after his school. 🙂


E and I used to think that maybe Baby Ryan should not start school so early, especially after reading this research. However, looking at how he enjoys school and the songs he learns in school. I am slightly moved. Maybe, it may not be all that bad right? 😛



January 2013


PicMonkey Collage

Baby Ryan started his pre-school(more like playgroup) on the 3 January 2013. It was a pity that E and I could not take time off work to see him at school.

We heard from my mother that Ryan was super excited to be in school. No tears. Just a whole lot of enthusiasm- he was clapping his hands to the songs and playing with the other children. In fact, the other parents were very amused by Ryan’s version of Gangnam style.  Ryan loves his new schoolbag(a present from my ex-colleague, Jacelyn) that he refused to take it off even after school. Heehee. Also, after his first day at school, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep for the whole afternoon for 4 hours! (-_-)”’

Two months ago, E and I were not very keen on the idea of sending Ryan to a pre-school. We thought we would just wait it out to when Ryan reaches 30 months before enrolling him into a church nursery. However, just two weeks ago, we changed our minds(very like our style of doing things…) and yes, Ryan will be attending his playgroup for two hours everyday now.

Today marks a new milestone for our Baby Ryan and E and I are so proud of our baby boy. 🙂