Avent Combined Steamer-Blender

October 2013


Baby Gillian turned 6 months on 10 October. 6 months is a hallmark for weaning. The term ‘to wean’ comes from an ancient phrase that means ‘to accustom to’. Weaning refers to the period during which a baby gradually becomes accustomed to food other than milk. Milk alone is nutritionally adequate for up to 6 months. However, thereafter, it is important to start introducing weaning foods to meet the changing nutritional needs of the growing baby. In fact, before the age of 6 months, Baby Gillian has been showing much interest in the food that we are eating. Heehee. So you can imagine she is also happy that the weaning process is starting!

Being a mother second time around resulted in me being familiar with products created to make life with babies more convenient. The Avent Combined Steamer-Blender is one of my favourite product when it is time for weaning, I have used the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender with Ryan albeit not religiously enough. However, like what I mentioned in my previous posts, this year I have decided to be more committed in serving healthy homemade meals for my kids. Once again, I have takn my trusty Avent Combined Steamer-Blender out of the cupboard. After a wash, it looks as good as new and ready to go!



Here are some of the typical first food that parents try with their babies. Decided to start off with apples, potatoes and carrots as they have the least chance of an allergic reaction.



Healthy homemade baby food can be easily prepared with the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender. This device allows busy mothers to enjoy the convenience of ‘steam, flip and blend’, all in one appliance. Also, I like the fact that this device helps possibly retain all nutrients from the food. Steaming is probably the best cooking method for baby food as it helps to preserve the most original flavour as well as its nutrients.The Avent Combined Steamer-Blender does a great job of retaining more essential nutrients as the juices that are released from the food during the steaming process are retained and mixed back into the food during the blending process.

1. Chop your ingredients up into small pieces. In my case, I peeled and I chopped up the potato.


2. Put the chopped up potato into the container.


Before steaming, make sure you fill up the cup that comes with the blender to a suitable level that is being marked. Pour the water into the device for steaming. The measuring cup shows water measurement in millimeters together with the corresponding steaming time in minutes. Another cool feature of the Avent Combined Steamer-Blender  is that it stops automatically when the water runs dry! Therefore you will not need to worry about over cooking or to watch the fire like you do if you were using the traditional steamer.

2.  Turn to the knob to the left to start steaming.


3. Once the steaming is completed. Flip the container over and start the blending process. Blend to your desired texture. You can create different textures and consistencies by adjusting steam and blend times. Your homemade puree for the little one will be ready in less than a minute.


Ta-Dah! Cool the puree and serve!
Mashed potato for Baby Gillian!



Baby Gillian’s first experience with mashed potato!

DSC07476 (2)-1

She looks quite surprised by the taste and texture of potato. Heehee.


After a few mouthful, she gobbles of the rest of her meal quickly. From her expression, you can be sure that potato is one of her favourite food!



Baby Gillian’s first experience with carrot puree.



Baby Gillian, looking all excited at lunch time!



Quite a positive experience as well!


The washing process is really easier. With this steamer-blender, there is no need to wash too many tools and pots. However, one thing to note would be to wash the device properly. Do remember to take off the green cover of the container to wash the inside of the container.

PicMonkey Collage


Philips Avent Steamer Blender can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores! The Bumbo floor seat that Baby Gillian uses at meal times are also available at Spring Maternity stores.



Mustela-Spring Event

September 2012

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I spent it at Spring Maternity showroom at Hoi Hup Building with an awesome bunch of people! Here are some pictures from the event and they will be doing most of the talking. 😛





The Spring Maternity showroom at Hoi Hup building is very comprehensive- nursing/maternity clothes, toys for babies, strollers, car seats for babies, equipment to assist in breastfeeding and so on so forth. It is the one-stop place for all mothers! The sales girls(I have not seen a male sales personnel yet.) are very friendly and approachable. So, you are a first-time Mummy, just head down to Spring Maternity and you will be loaded with information on what are some good purchases for your baby!


That Saturday morning programme included Mustela introducing their a new line of their products, a fashion show by Spring Maternity and beauty sharing by Fancl.



Look at how immaculate the set-up for the place is! So much effort and time went into the preparation for everything!


Make up was sponsored by Fancl. Our models’ beautiful faces were placed in the safe and talented hands of Fancl makeup artists! And yours truly was also treated to a make-over as well. I love Japanese make up because the effect is so light and natural looking! Heehee. Thank you, Fancl!

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

This is our awesome Fancl team. There is so much synergy observed in the team. These ladies has so much team work and they are very knowledgeable about skin care and their products. Looking at them just gives me hope that I, as a Mummy can have good and radiant skin!


Here are the Spring models and me! All dolled up! For me, it is really one of those rare days when I actually look decent. Gosh… with 2 kids in tow, make up is such a luxury.




This is so so so out of point. But last year, around the same time, Evie, Zoey and I were pregnant mother models for Spring Maternity as well. This time round, only Evie and Joey made the cut to be nursing mother models for Spring Maternity. (Because they are still so chio la!!! And yes, I am envious of them. Bah! )





Mustela- Rebirth

My family is no stranger to Mustela. In fact, Baby Gillian and Ryan are still using Mustela products for their bath time because I am such a big fan of the fabulous signature scent. For this event, Mustela introduced their new line of Mustela products that includes Avocado perseose®. Keeping to their promise of continual innovation, Mustela has extracted a natural biomimetic active ingredient from avocado which works in perfect affinity with skin.

Avocado perseose® perfectly meets the requirements of babies’ skin starting when they are born and its efficacy has been scientifically proven. It aids the development of the skin’s barrier function, stepping up production of a number of its key elements and it preserves its wealth of cells, functioning as a shield and protecting the cutaneous cells from the outside environment. Because of all these outstanding qualities, Mustela has chosen Avocado perseose® to be incorporated into its new Mustela Bébé formula.


I have been given some of their bath products to try on the kiddos. Do look forward to my review post soon!







Spring Fashion Show

I love Spring Maternity. The collection of maternity/nursing wear are both functional and stylish. When I wear my nursing clothes to work. no one could tell that they were suitable for nursing as well! Below are some of my favourite outfits from the newly launched Neon Lace Collection and MyLove Collection. If I am not wrong, they should be available at all Spring Maternity stores now!

Neon Lace Collection is the perfect blend of neon pink and feminine laces make up this collection specially designed to enhance both bust and bump. The lace adds a touch of sensuality whilst the neon trimmings stands out stylishly. With a different style for every occasion, Neon lace is everything you need for work, party and even casual dates throughout your pregnancy period.

PicMonkey Collage3

The perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality comes together in this ideal top. Lace that forms a subtle yet sensual deep V along the front neckline while a small band across the empire enhances both bust and bump effectively. With an empire nursing access, the front can be easily lifted with ease for nursing moms. This versatile top can easily blend with a basic, solid coloured bottom
and flats. A perfect example of simplcity at it best, this skirt features asymmetrical sides that curves into a minor slit. Suitable for both work and play, there’s are no worries in pairing

PicMonkey Collage4

The zig zag patterned collar and ribbon contrasts against the dark blue hue of the top that features a delicate ribbon as well as a key hole opening at the back. Four darts atthe front of the top allows the fabric to fall gently on top of the bump creating a smooth silhouette from bust to bump. Additional capped sleeves create this look that goes well with a simple pair of pants and flats or heels. Cropped just above the ankles, this pair of versatile pants are not only effortlessly chic but extremely comfortable as well. With the help of front seam details, the pants creat an illusion of elongated and slimmer legs. The addition of an adjustable waistband made of bamboo cotton makes it soft while having a high tolerance for stretch. As such, it will be a perfect throughout and even after your pregnancy.

PicMonkey Collage5

Neon pink trimmings along the neckline emphasising the delicate lace top that ends off just above the bust in a sweetheart cutting results in this feminine piece. Capped sleeves add to the femininity as it clings on snuggly, creating a very flattering silhouette. Effortlessy chic, match it with a pair of shorts for a casual look and jeans for a night out. A definite necessity in your summer wardrobe designed with your comfort in mind, this pair of flattering shorts adds the extra zest needed in any ensemble. At mid-thigh, it is the perfect length to suit any top and shoes.


Eye-catching patterns from this prominent top that includes a neon pink finishing along the neckline. Capped sleeves at the front develop to raglan sleeves at the back where the solid coloured back subtly offsets any harsh visuals of the top.

PicMonkey Collage5

Effortlessly chic, the minimalistic details of the shirt adds up to its feminine outlook of this simple staple. Simple pink trimmings along the neckline and sleeves are a stark contrast to the dark coloured top, giving it a pop of colour. A middle panel pulls back to reveal a middle vertical access allowing the top to last you throughout and after your pregnancy period.

PicMonkey Collage6

Stylishly sophisticated number that never fails to bring out the elegance in you. Creatively designed with a sweetheart tube dress is a lace crop that fits snuggly over the dress, ending in a deep v neckline at the back for a subtle sensual feel. Other details such at pink finishings along the neckline and 3/4 sleeves offers that extra eye candy while pleats on the front empire line flares the skirt so that it drapes nicely over the knees. Accessorise with a simple pair of strapped heels and clutch and you’re good to go!

PicMonkey Collage6

Demure with a hint of feminine glamour, this dress is the very thing an evening out. A perfect combination of neon pink and lace that graduates to a panel in the middle from the shoulders. Ruched sides lead to a cross wrapped front and asymmetrical hem. Featuring a sidenursing access for nursing moms, this piece is the ideal dress to pair with a basic pair of heels and clutch.


MyLove Collection  incorporates the convenience of a nursing top with a feminine edgy style. With its unique cutting, ruched and pleat details and a nursing access in each piece, it will last you throughout and after your pregnancy period. MyLove introduces sleek, comfortable yet versatile staples in an array of stunning colours to your wardrobe that can be worn for various occasions.


A soft feminine mix of colours grace the neckline of this top in a angular cutting giving it a adding dimensions to the entire outlook. With a side nursing access, it’s a definite effortlessly chic piece. So you don’t have to fret with matching and accessorising. Leggings are a definite staple in every wardrobe. Known for being versatile and comfortable, this pair of leggings features and over the bump waistband with maximum potential for stretch so that it’ll always fit snuggly.


Gathers along the front not only add texture to the top but also shape the bust in the most flattering way. The rest of the top falls gently over the bump resulting in a gentle hourglass figure. A neckline nursing access allows nursing moms the comfort and ease of nursing by
simply pulling the neckline down and the inner piece up. A simple jeans and heels will suffice in completing the look with this top.



Dart details just above the empire line brings attention to the collarbones just as the band emphasises and flatters the belly. Gathers along the empire allow the fabric to fall gently on the bump, creating a smooth silhouette. Pair it up with a pair of straight cut pants and heels for maximum effect, or roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.


A scooped neckline and pleat details along the front form the very forgiving silhouette. An easy fit gives the wearer comfort without looking sloppy. Featuring a side nursing access for nursing moms, this top will have no problem lasting through and after the pregnancy period.
Simply pair of skinny jeans and flats to complete your look.


An array of gathers cascade along the chest, allowing the rest of the top to drape gently over the belly. The combination of a textured and smooth surface makes up the very forgiving silhouette. Featuring a centre nursing access, this top requires simple jeans and flats to complete the look.


A basic bottom for everyday wear. Look and feel comfortable in this pair of bottom. This pair of flare pants features a waistband with maximum potential for stretch so that it’ll always fit snuggly.


Here’s a picture of our yummy mummies in Spring Maternity dresses! Motherhood just look awesome on them!



Fancl was also at the event, sharing with fellow mummies TenseUp EX and their Aging Care Line. With motherhood, sometimes, it is so easy to neglect ourselves. However, this should not be the case. Looking good can help make us feel better and more confident of ourselves. For vain and lazy mummies like me, I suppose TenseUp Ex will be a good supplement to our beauty regime.



It was my first time trying a beauty supplement(suitable for nursing mothers like me as well!) and I was surprised by how yummy it taste like! TenseUp EX is an intensive beauty supplement for women of all ages who wish to achieve and maintain firm, elastic and radiant skin. It is packed with anti-aging ingredients such as their patented HTC® Collagen to replenish daily lost collagen and boost collagen synthesis to minimize signs of aging, its molecular structure ensures effective absorption into skin. It has also newly-added Apple Polyphenol which combats photo-aging by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles. The best to consume the drink is at night before sleep as that is when our body regenerates the cells. Each box of 10 bottles cost $ 61.50 which amounts to $6ish per bottle, which is equivalent to a Java Chip Grande(my favourite Starbuck drink!). So, instead of spending it on caffeine, we can invest on this awesome beauty supplement!


This is a skin moisture sensor test that you can also do at any Fancl counters. With this technology, you will be able to find out how moisturised your skin is. The higher the number(max is 100), the more moisturised your skin can be. Mine is at 52 which definitely dehydrated. (Note to self: Start taking better care of my skin!)



(Me and the Fancl team. The lady whom I am standing beside is Candice, my secondary school friend! Actually, our mothers are also from the same secondary school! How coincident! Like me, she is also a mother of two. However, you can see that she is still very skinny and pretty! Must be the TenseUp Ex and the daily usage of Fancl products!)




StemCord was at the launch as well. I think I mentioned this before on my blog about cord blood banking. Some of you actually asked me which company I chose for my cord blood banking. And we chose to store Baby Gillian’s cord blood with Stemcord. I will share what led us to our decision in another post!


Fun Photos!


(Me, with Michelle. OMG! Did you see my lanyard? I have a Blogger lanyard! Heehee. Unlike most mummy bloggers, I am fairly new into this whole blogging scene. Like I actually starting blogging more regularly in the past 4 months. I must say that I am so so so thankful for all these opportunities and being able to meet really fun and interesting people! *feeling thankful*)


(Our preggie mummies, relaxing before the fashion show! )



(The team behind Spring Maternity!)


(Me, my fairy godmother and my hot mama!)


Links for your convenience:

For information on Mustela

For shopping with Spring Maternity

For shopping with Fancl

For information with Stemcord


Take Along Taggies!

September 2013

I first heard about Taggies from one of mummies in my April Mummies group. Apparently, Taggies is becoming one of the “must have” items for little ones. Taggies is an idea developed by Danielle Ayotte. She was inspired by her children’s affection and attachment to smooth, satiny looped tags, For well over a decade now, babies and children have been comforted by the tactile, soothing and safe Taggies. The TAGS on the Taggies are specially selected, carefully chosen and placed on copyrighted designs. There is a wide array of vibrant colors and interesting textures that are sure to draw baby’s attention. Taggies products enhance early childhood emotional well being, growth, and sense of security by providing tactile and visually stimulating features that both soothe and entertain.



What Baby Gillian got is a Take Along Taggie. The Take-A-Long Taggie is a teether and soft squeaky toy that keeps Gillian entertained. It also attaches easily to strollers and car seats. Being light and small, I can fit it into my handbag easily. Great travel companion for babies! Our Baby Gillian likes the 6 colourful satin tags around the borders which provides sensory stimulation.



The quality of this toy is incredible. You can be sure that the stitching will not come undone easily with Baby Gillian’s constant biting of it. The best part of the Take Along Taggie would be that I can hand wash it easily unlike soft toys. With Baby Gillian biting on the her Taggie all the time, it helps to know that the Taggie is something that I can clean it easily every other day.


Baby Gillian is keenly observing the different patterns on her Taggie.


Here’s one happy girl with her Take Along Taggie!


The Take Along Taggie for this post is kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


Mustela Bébé

September 2013

I am sure the brand Mustela is no stranger to most mothers. In fact, one of the first few products that Ryan had to use as a baby was the Mustela Stelatria- Purifying Recovery cream. Then, Ryan had some eczema issues on his cheeks and this cream was prescribed by the pediatrician and his skin problems recovered in no time. My second encounter with Mustela was after my first pregnancy when my jamu lady recommended me to use Mustela Post Partum Body and Restructuring Gel. As I have sensitive skin as well, instead of using those jamu ingredients on my body, my jamu lady used the Mustela product instead. Since then, I always like a positive connotation of Mustela.

If you were to read about Mustela’s history, everything started in 1950 when Paul Berthome, the father of the current chairman of Mustela, together with a pharmacist were aware that there was something lacking in the market for babies’ hygiene and skin care. During that time, the only available product to clean a baby was soap, which can be drying and harsh for the skin of babies. With this problem in mind, the two men wanted to come up a product that was suitable for babies’ hygiene and delicate skin. They joined forces to formulate a “2-in-1” product- an emulsion that is cleansing and has softening qualities that is suitable for babies! Since then, Mustela has been taking up the role of a pioneer in skincare for babies and has been continually innovating and updating their formulas in the interest of babies and mothers.

Today, in this blog post, I will be sharing on some of the products in the range called Mustela Bébé.

What is Mustela Bébé?

It is is a complete range of dermo-cosmetic products specially formulated to take care of the delicate skin of newborns, babies and children in terms of daily hygiene, bath time, diaper change and skin protection. The Mustela Mustela Bébé range combines efficacy and safety with sensory pleasure thanks to its uniquely recognisable scent.  One of my main take-aways after testing this range of products for about 2 weeks would be that it is possible for a product to be both sensitive to delicate skins and great smelling! I absolutely love the smell of Mustela Bébé products!



Gillian’s Bath Time with Mustela


Bath time is a very special time for me and my babies. Usually, no matter how tired I am, I will make sure I am the one in-charge of bathing the kids. During bath time, it will just me and Baby Gillian or me and Baby Ryan. For Baby Gillian, I will turn on some music(anything I feel like listening, usually pop music) while carrying out the usual bath routine. After using Mustela Bébé for about 2 weeks or more, I realised that Baby Gillian is more aware of bath time and she is discovering a new  and pleasant scent that is unique of Mustela Bébé.

Mustela Bébé Dermo Cleansing is a soap-free cleansing gel. This gel is ideal even for newborns and it gently cleanses the body and scalp. It is of neutral pH for the skin- it respects the hydrolipid film and integrity of the scalp. With its superfatting agents in it, it helps to compensate the drying effects of hard water. Also, this cleansing gel does not sting the eyes. What I love about it is the pleasant scent and how it leaves Gillian’s skin is soft to touch.



(Usually, I will squirt three pumps of Mustela Bébé Dermo Cleansing to a basin of warm water)


(There you have beautiful Baby Gillian, soaking in her bath tub. Baby Gillian is one baby who loves her bath time. In fact, she will fuss abit when it is time to get off the bath tub. Heehee.)

Mustela Baby Shampoo is another choice product for us. Thanks to the ultra-gentle plant cleansing base, it gently cleanses  the hair and also respects the delicate balance of the scalp. This shampoo also rinses away easily. Because of how much I love the fragrance, I also use this shampoo for Ryan’s hair. I also notice that this shampoo prevents the formation of small knots in hair. Very very suitable for young girls with long hair.




(Here’s Baby Gillian, looking so happy with her bath time with Mustela! What is even more awesome is that she smells heavenly!)


Before going out with the kiddos…

Musti, Eau De Soin is something I always use for Baby Gillian before we go out. It is an alcohol-free scented water with corn flower, hawthorn and linden extracts. These extracts of plants are renowned for skin-softening properties. Musti, Eau De Soin is also hypoallergenic- specially formulated to minimise allergic reactions. It is a baby perfume with fruity and flowery notes and it helps to keep the baby’s skin moisturised. This smells so good that I use it on myself as well! Heehee.


Mustela PhysiObébé No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid


Mustela PhysiObébé No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid is a no rinse cleansing fluid specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin as it is clinically proven mild. This fluid is perfect for cleaning the face, hands and diaper area especially we are outdoors(beach, parks, zoo, etc). It is a must have in our diaper bag because  it is so convenient to use, especially before meals. Unlike those hand sanitisers in the market, the Mustela PhysiObébé No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid is non drying to the skin as it is enriched with aloe vera to hydrate and saponaria extract to dissolve dirt. It is also light, tear-less, and refreshing. I also use this for Ryan when we are outdoors and he has alot of poop in his diaper. It cleans him up really well and it is refreshing for his skin. A definite must buy!

Mustela Cream for Sensitive Areas SPF50+ for intolerant skin


This cream is specifically for the sensitive areas of the face of babies and children. Made from formula based on 100% mineral screens, it ensures high UVA and UVB sun protection adapted to sensitive areas. It helps to maintain the skin’s natural defences and prevents eventual cell damage due to exposure of sun. Babies and children’s skin are immature and do not have all the defence mechanism: protecting them from the harsh sun rays is an absolute necessity. As I like to bring the kids outdoors frequently, it is important to always put on Mustela sunscreen for them. The best thing is that it is resistant to water and sweat. This cream comes in mini travel size so it is very convenient to pop it in my bag and touch up for the kids when we are out.


Before her bedtime/nap

Mustela Soothing Comfort Balm is definitely one of my favourite products! It is a moisturising chest rub with purifying scent. Made with shea butter and honey extracts, it is softening and moisturising for the baby’s skin. I massaged this on Baby Gillian at every night as part of her bedtime routine. This soothing balm is enriched with calming linden and chamomile extracts and using it together with a massage session helps to relax Baby Gillian before her bedtime. This soothing balm is especially helpful as Baby Gillian is having a slight cold and blocked nose. Using the balm really calms her and soothe her during the massage session.





After using Mustela Bébé for two weeks, I really can’t see myself going back again.


Mustela Bébé products for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


B kids Play with me Gym

August 2013

Our little sweetheart has something new to entertain her lately and it is the B Kids Play with me Gym! This is an award winning crib and play mat. Having it around these days is really useful as it helps to keep Baby Gillian entertained!

On weekdays, it is just me, Ryan and Baby Gillian at home in the day. Without a helper, there is plenty of household chores and cooking for me to do. Thus, I cannot always be there to monitor the kids as closely as I would like to be doing. For Ryan, I can usually get him to do some art work or maybe play with his cars. It is slightly trickier when it comes to ways to keep Baby Gillian occupied. Being 4 months, she is much more curious and alert. No longer can I just pass her some random toy and she will be kept entertained on her chair. As she is only 4 months, I cannot put her on an exersaucer for too long as she is still not quite too stable.

The B Kids Play with me Gym is my current life saver as Baby Gillian loves it! B Kids Play with me Gym is a highly colourful and interactive gym and it comes complete with character toys. It is an awesome play mat as I can leave Baby Gillian lying there while I go about preparing lunch for Baby Ryan and she will be quietly entertained. B Kids Play with me Gym is developed by Blue Box® which is in the line of manufacturing toys for over 60 years and Blue Box® understands the need for early development and stimulation. In this light, you cannot help but notice how this play may is carefully designed and created with the child in mind.



This mobile play gym comes complete with overhead canopy which features character toys like a sun and a monkey. Also, Baby Gillian is exposed to a myriad of cheery colours and textures to touch are delightful. This play mat is also made of very soft material and is easy to fold and store. Because of this feature of it being light and portable, I often bring the play gym over to my mother’s place. This way, Baby Gillian can play on the mat while I chat with my Mummy in the afternoon. Heehee.


Baby Gillian loves Mister Sun because she gets to see her reflection in it!


While it is a great toy that keeps the child entertained. I will still play with Baby Gillian on the play gym. Babies love the attention of their parents. By playing with her on the mat often, it helps to create a positive connotation for her when I the play gym out. Usually, I will get her to notice the different animals on the mat, her reflection on Mister Sun and also get her to grab the toys from Mister Monkey. Of course, everyone’s method of playing is different.


You can see how Baby Gillian enjoys playing with the dangling toys. This helps to develop her sensory and motor skills.





This multi play gym is suitable for newborns to 10 month old babies. This toy grows with the baby. Right now, Baby Gillian is much better on her tummy. Eventually, she will be able to sit on the mat and I will be able to use the play gym as a form of interaction board with her.


(Even Ryan cannot resist playing with his little sister on the mat. Awww…)



If you are wondering what gift you should get for a baby’s Man Yue, you certainly can’t go wrong with B kids Play with me Gym.



B kids Play with me Gym for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


Breastfeeding- Nursing Tops

August 2013

I love dresses- but usually for work and occasions only. On weekends and because of the type of activities that our family does(like going to Polliwogs or heading to the parks), I very much prefer to be in shorts and tops. I am the typical Singaporean who loves to be in just simple tops and shorts. This combination is just much more convenient and comfortable for me, a mother to a breastfed baby and an active two year old.

Breastfeeding works best when mothers are feeling relaxed. Hence, it is important that nursing mothers like me feel at ease nursing when we are out with the kids. Some mothers like me can feel self-conscious breastfeeding in public and this is  where well-designed breastfeeding clothing can really help. Nursing tops offer quick and easy access to the breast for nursing your little one, while keeping the chest, tummy and back covered. Today, I want to share on some of my favourite nursing tops from Spring Maternity. They are functional, fashionable and fabulous!


Cut-out Shoulders Nursing Top

Cut-out shoulder tops are a fun trend this season. They are perfect for showing some skin but not too much skin. I can see many of the ladies owning at least one piece of cut-out top in their wardrobe. Nursing mothers can also be just as stylish.

PicMonkey Collage4

 This cut-out top from Spring Maternity has a relaxed designed with draped hemline. The outer purple overlay serves as a nursing cover,so as to minimize accidental exposures. It is made from soft cotton fabric and available in both purple and black. You can easily pair this top with shorts or jeans for a casual weekend lunch outing with your baby and girlfriends.


Colour-Blocking Nursing Tops

I love colour blocking! Colour-blocking gives a dynamic and confident look!

The nursing tops at Spring Maternity is just as fashion-forward. The way to wear colour-blocked outfits is to usually match it with simple accessories- like a statement necklace or bangle.

PicMonkey Collage8

This top is thoughtfully designed in a long and relaxed silhouette perfect for immediate post-partum wear. Love the vertical pink-beige blocks as it gives a slimmer-me illusion.

PicMonkey Collage9

Nursing mothers can look immaculate in this colour blocked nursing tunic.  The hemline hits below the hip and you can match it with black leggings for a clean and sleek look.


Royal Blue Nursing Tops

Continuing on from the Fall 2012 trend, Royal Blue(or otherwise known as Colbalt Blue), whether paired with black or worn monochromatically, was a popular trend for Spring 2013. You can see many outfits that are also available in Royal Blue in Spring Maternity. Colbalt Blue is a great alternative to black and is flattering for most skin tones.

PicMonkey Collage7

This top is great for office or formal events with matched with a work skirt. It has a 3 button front. To nurse, you can unbutton the front and lift the inner layer.

PicMonkey Collage7

 This top is constructed with a front drape and the fluid gathers cascading from the neckline, sweeping down to one side of the body. This nursing top features vertical-front nursing access. The draped overlay covers centre nursing opening on inner layer for discreet breastfeeding.  This nursing top can be matched with a pair or Capri or shorts for the active weekend. Draped tops are especially flattering for me, who is trying to hide a few extra kilograms at my tummy. Heehee.


Simple, yet Stylish Nursing Tops

The three tops below will classify under my wardrobe staples because they are just so easy to match and you can wear them for both casual or work.

PicMonkey Collage3

This is a simple, chic top and the gold button hides the vertical-front nursing access. It also features a wide round neck that shows off the collarbones and neck. Accessorise this green top with a long necklace, match it with a pair of jeans or short and you are ready for a trip to the park or indoor playground with your kiddos!

PicMonkey Collage2

This is also another functional, yet versatile black nursing top. What I love about the top is that it is made from bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is an awesome material. Fabric of the nursing clothes matters a lot  for mothers who are latching their babies. As babies’ skins are usually sensitive, it is best that we wear clothes that are soft and smooth, and without any sharp spurs that may irritate the babies. The black top that I am wearing may look really simple. However, it is possible to dress it up with a tulle skirt(also from Spring Maternity!) and a nice pair of heels and the look is both feminine and stylish.

PicMonkey Collage6

This black is constructed with hem-lift access. Lift outer layer at hem to breast-access openings on either side of bust on inner lining layer.  This is a basic that can be spruced up for work or dressed down for the weekends.


Okie dokes, that is all for Fashion Friday! I am out! Enjoy your weekend!


Nursing tops for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.



August 2013

As a Spring Maternity blogger, I was invited to a NESTLÉ event held at Bella Luna, Harbourfront for the launch of their new maternal milk supplement- MOM & ME. This premium nutritional supplement has been specially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. In fact, it is the ONLY nutritional supplement in the market with BIFIBUS BL probiotics.


Hmm, so I suppose you must be wondering what is so special of having BIFIBUS BL probiotics in a maternal milk supplement.
Trust me, I was curious as well!


(Here’s Sharon from Nestle who presented to us the benefits of MOM & ME!)

The good people from Nestle shared how BIFIBUS BL is extensively researched prebiotics which help to fight against harmful bacteria, thereby helping to maintain a healthy digestive system for mothers. You definitely want to be sure that you do not suffer from any food poisoning or diarrhea to add to all the discomfort during pregnancy . Hence, ensuring a healthy digestive system will help. In fact, there are 35,000,000 BIFIBUS BL probiotic in every glass of MOM & ME!

On top of that, NESTLÉ MOM & ME contains:

  1. Highest levels of DHA* which are important building blocks for the brain and eyes development.
  2. Folic Acid that helps in the mental and overall development of the foetus.
  3. Calcium and Iron. Calcium that supports the development of strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D that helps enhance calcium absorption and improves bone strength.

Ladies can start drinking MOM & ME from the moment they know that they are pregnant. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby’s development relies on the essential nutrients only a mother can provide through good nutrition. By taking 2 glasses of  MOM & ME, pregnant and breastfeeding mummies can be rest assured that they are taking a unique combination of nutrients to meet increased needs this period. Isn’t it awesome?



(Hmm… I see someone familiar a midst the beautiful ladies. Isn’t that Baby G? She looks like she is listening intently on what will be going into her breast milk later. Heehee.)


At the end of the day, all I wanted to know was if Mom & Me tasted yummy. That will be the deal-clincher for me. From experience, I know that maternal milk supplements can taste along the lines of being overly sweet or chalky. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and refreshing Mom & Me tasted! For mummies like me who prefer a more chocolate-y taste, you can add in MILO powder and it will taste just as awesome!

It must be noted that only luke-warm water(no warmer than 45C) or cold water must be used when preparing your Mom & Me drink. Hot water will destroy the prebiotics in Mom & Me. Actually, drinking cold milk is not an issue for me or for most pregnant mothers as we usually experience hot flushes when we are pregnant. At this point if time, when the weather is so hot and humid, having a glass of cold milk is much more desirable to me.

If you are wondering how does Mom & Me taste like, you can get a sample tin from their Facebook page while stock lasts!


PicMonkey Collage8

The second session was a talk presented by the CEO and Founder of Mind your Diet. She is a mother of a set of twins and a 10 month old baby. From her presentation, I can feel that she is very passionate about nutrition for mothers and babies! She gave insight how a reasonable diet would look like for pregnant and lactating mothers and where we could find some key nutrition like folic acid, DHA and so on in our daily meals.


The third session of the Nestle event is the fashion show by Spring Maternity. After all the knowledge of on nutrition and diet, mummies also want to know that one can look still trendy during pregnancy and nursing period. You can be sure that Spring Maternity is at your service to assist mummies in looking great and stylish during this journey!

Here is our friendly emcee for the fashion show, Danielle from Spring Maternity.



Before I share about the three lovely collections, I want to introduce our gorgeous Spring Maternity models and they are Siangling, Evie and Germaine. Siangling and Germaine are real pregnant mothers- as in their bumps are for real! Evie, mother to two handsome boys, is the model for Spring’s nursing collection.

During the fashion show, Spring Maternity show cased three collections- Lemon Dust Collection, Midnight Coral and also their nursing range. I will be sharing some of my favourite outfits from the three collections. The pictures that I took does not do any justice to the the clothes and models. (You know, I am neither a professional photographer nor do I own any DSLR. However, you can click on the link below to see professional pictures taken by Faith Moments Photography!) Just to note, because I am a nursing mom, I tend to be pay more attention to the nursing tops and dresses.

Lemon Dust Collection

PicMonkey Collage1

Germaine is wearing a simple, feminine nursing top. It has discreet panels at the side that reveals accessible vertical center opening for nursing moms. I feel that it will be a good nursing piece to own because it is very versatile- you can pair it shorts or jeans and you are set for the weekend shopping!

PicMonkey Collage2

I also like this little black dress that Germaine is wearing. The ruched sides leading to flowing drapes, add to a touch of elegance, This LBD is also a nursing dress for nursing mothers. Just need to accessorize this dress with a chunky necklace or bangle and you will be good to go for a night’s out with the hubby!

Midnight Coral Collection

This is my favourite collection among the three and it will be launched in all Spring Maternity’s stores in this week! Yay! Mad excited about it! This range shows that maternity and nursing wear can be as fashion-forward as our normal clothes! Everything is so chic!

PicMonkey Collage3

Siangling is in a contrast top. This top enforces a slim figure while complimenting the bump! When paired with a panel skirt, it gives a fun yet professional feel and you are ready for work!

PicMonkey Collage4

If I were pregnant again, I will definitely get this dress! I love the sexy cutouts at the back to the cheerful colour blocking and prints of the dress. This dress compliments the curves of a pregnant mummy and gives a radiant glow to all skin tones! (In my opinion, this is a must-buy! Totally cute!)

PicMonkey Collage5

Evie is in a casual nursing dress. There is a zip in front of the dress for easy access for nursing. The small asymmetrical slit along the hem and the scoop neckline enhance the femininity of the dress. I like this piece because it looks casual but can be made look more formal when dressed up with long bold necklaces or accessories.

PicMonkey Collage6

Siangling looks effortlessly chic in this printed top with chiffon sleeves. This printed black and white bodice makes it very suitable for office wear. It can be easily matched with a pencil skirt or black pants.

Nursing Collection

PicMonkey Collage7

This is one piece that pregnant mummies should get because it will last them throughout their pregnancy and nursing journey. The empire fitted dress highlights the bust and bump. Simple accessories will be perfect in spicing this dress up!

PicMonkey Collage7

Siangline’s dress has beautiful pleats that compliments the curves. The slim belt helps to define the body shape. There is also side nursing access which ensures complete ease and comfort while breastfeeding. This look goes well with both flats or heels.


So Mummies and Mummies-to-be, there is really little reason why we should allow ourselves to look lesser than what we can truly be during our pregnancy and breastfeeding period.  At Spring Maternity, you have so many choices to choose from! What is even better is that Spring Maternity is a one-stop place for all of mothers. Not only can we get our fabulous clothes from Spring, we can also shop for baby items, baby toys and products while we are there!

And you can be sure that was what I did after the event! Heehee.



At the end of the event, everyone was treated to a 10 minute massage session, complimentary by Bella Luna. In fact, Bella Luna also specialises in pre- and post natal massages! I did not get the chance to try out the massage that day as I was really busy. But I will definitely want to return to utilise my 45 minutes massage voucher. Heehee.



Here’s a picture of me and the beautiful models! We are all dressed in Spring Maternity outfits!


After the session, everyone took back a cute pink bag of goodies! There is a sample tin of MOM & ME which I have tried and loved it especially with MILO, recipes on how to spice up your MOM & ME drink, product samples from Bübchen Mama, vouchers from Spring Maternity and Bella Luna! 



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