Vacation at Home: 28 November 2014 (Day 1)

December 2014




I never thought there would be a day when I actually will be looking forward to a vacation in Singapore. I was wrong. It was a long 11ish months in London. While it was enjoyable for most parts, I cannot help but miss my family and friends. On the day when we got to Heathrow, my heart was skipping with joy! It got better when the air stewardess informed us that it was not a full flight. Between 4 of us, we could occupy 7 economy seats! That was just awesome news. Happiness was short lived when the kids started fussing on the plane towards the last 3-4 hours of flight. 😦

When we came out of the arrival hall, it was just surreal to finally see our loved ones. E’s parents and all my family members were there. Ryan was jumping around in excitement when he saw his favourite Yiyi. Gillian was looked surprised by how much attention she was getting from the fond grandparents. My mother remarked that Gillian looked wayyy too tiny for her age and perhaps she set a mission to fatten up our little girl. In that aspect, she is doing a fairly good job. Heehee.

Day 1 was just pretty much clearing the administrative stuff like getting our Singapore SIM cards and EZlink. Unfortunately, the kids suffered quite a bit from jet lag for the initial days. As parents, we were not spared from it as well.



City of Love- Paris Day 4

November 2012

Us in the morning, before heading to Gerald Mullot for breakfast, only to realise that it was closed on Wednesdays! What are the odds!




This is the Chinese-French bakery that we love!






Breakfast at Paul instead of Gerald Mulot. Well, at least we can be assured that the standard was there. Paul was bustling with the morning crowd as well- so it just indicates that food standard is still good.











Beautiful floral shop just next to Paul. On our first day in Paris, E was asking me if he should get me a potted plant in Paris so that we can take care of it and watch it grow during our trip. (What???!!! Like no? What for?)




We went off for our Before Sunrise/Before Sunrise walk tour conducted by E.



After like a super long walk, we finally found the Shakespeare and Co bookshop. You know the feeling of like walking forever and forever, not knowing if the bookshop disappeared or something and when you actually stumble upon it, you feel so deliriously happy… and yes, that was how we felt.

The thing is that both E and myself are great fans of the movie(heard that Before Midnight is possibly coming up…) and it is so wonderful to revisit one of the sites for the movie. In Before Sunset, it was the place where Jesse and Celine met each other again after years. *sigh sigh*

DSC01426 DSC01428



And so we bought The Dangerous Book for Boys for Baby Ryan. Well, we know that he will not be able to read it now, but we hope he will be able to read it soon. Heehee. The book has many cool facts, history and game ideas for kids and E loves it just as much!








Stopped for crepes lunch/morning tea break.








En route to Promenade Plantee, a linear garden which was featured in the Before Sunset movie.








We chillaxed the garden for some time, soaking in the good weather and talking about our possible next couple trip. Heehee.


Bought chocolates for people at home! And the store assistant was so polite and generous with her samples!



This is one of the scariest dinner that I ever had my whole life. Not just it is costly(it will not matter if the food is nice, trust me!), but it is really not suitable for our palates. It did not help that E was telling me how this place received great food reviews and I went to La Coupole with extremely high expectations.

We reached the place around 6ish and it was not that crowded but the crowd soon came in after 7 and we were impressed by how good the business was at the restaurant, only to be proven wrong by our choice of dinner.

For starters, we ordered one onion soup each and it was a mistake because the onion soup came in a huge portion that I hardly could even finish half of mine! We also ordered a seafood platter to share and yes, that was the main that was really quite a turn-off. Hmm… just thinking about it can make me nauseous! In the end, we also left the platter rather untouched. *sigh sigh* And, if you want to know I puked after eating some of the seafood platter at the restaurant and even had to left for the washroom to vomit more in the middle of the cabaret show. (!!!)

















And off we went to watch a cabaret show- Paradis Latin! It was a-okay. Seriously nothing exciting. So much for paying 180 Euros for it but of course, it was E who insisted that we should check the show out. In the end, he told me he fell asleep towards the end!!!

After the show, it was drizzling and there was no cab in sight! Bah! Fortunately, we managed to get the last train back to our hotel. It was definitely one of the most tiring days in Paris.







Last day of our Bali vacation!

August 2012

All good things must come to an end. So, it was the Sunday when we had to leave for Singapore. For Ryan and E, they were quite sad. I was thankful because I was really quite sick throughout the trip. *boohoo*

Thank goodness that Ryan was once again cooperative during the flight. In fact, he fell asleep towards the last one hour so I manage to sneak in my 40 winks.

Overall, it was a wonderful first family trip and I am proud to say that we survived my first overseas trip with Baby Ryan!


WaterBom at Bali

August 2012

Photos for this blog post is taken with my S3 because our camera died. So, I suppose the pictures are of smartphones quality.


After Baby Ryan had his morning breakfast- 6oz of milk, he started reading his books again.

We got ourselves ready for the day and left for breakfast at the cafe.

Because WaterBom was supposedly very near to Ramayana, we decided to push the stroller to the water park. The distance was indeed short but it was rather troublesome because of the stroller and the scorching sun.

With the WaterBom mascot! Entrance fees to WaterBom is quite steep- at USD 31 per adult. So, we paid USD 62 in total because it was free for Baby Ryan!

We mainly hung out at the Kids’ Play Area(which is very similar to Singapore’s Port of Lost Wonder), the Lazy Pool and another slide area. The place had alot more exciting slides and activities but we could not participate in them because of Baby Ryan. Next time, maybe!

We bought new Quiksilver rashie and boardshorts for Baby Ryan! Yes, he looks wayyy cooler than his parents.

I got really tired very soon and E took over caring for Baby Ryan…


We played for two hours or so before Baby Ryan got tired and fell asleep. Then, E and I went off for lunch at Bubba Gump. E ordered the Dixie Style Baby Back Ribs while I got the “I’m Stuffed!” Shrimps and our mains all came along with a free dessert. 🙂 Food was a-okay but what we enjoyed most was being able to watch Forrest Gump all over again while we were lunching.

We returned to the hotel for an afternoon nap before heading back to play at WaterBom again at 5pm. The whole family went for a few more rounds at the Lazy Pool and we left the water park. Baby Ryan fell asleep again(he must be super tired from the water activities) and so E and I went to do some Bali shopping- for dresses, bottoms and Ryan’s clothes.

Dinner was packed back to our room. It was from Stadium, a burger restaurant very near to our hotel. It was good and all of us enjoyed our dinner alot! Woots!


Bali in the morning…

August 2012

These are just some of Ryan’s stash. With a baby, you must never under pack. It was also a good thing that we brought along his books and toys- they helped to entertain him for a while.

Yes, I brought our steriliser as well.
That is how kiasu I am.


The boys were still sleeping when I woke up and so I went pottering around the room and got dressed up for the morning.

It was not long later when E woke up as well and he took some pictures for me!

Baby Ryan was the last to wake up. When he woke up and got dressed, he went for his favourite fruit/animal book.

And yes, we were all dressed in huat huat red!

Anyways, I think the hotel upgraded us to a better room because we had a huge balcony to chillax in which we did not make much use of!


Headed down to the cafe for breakkie! And to our surprise, it was a full morning buffet spread awaiting for us. This also meant that Ryan had his choice of food- bread, cakes, eggs…

I love the baby chair that Ryan is in… totally cute!


Off we went for shopping in the streets of Kuta. We stayed in Ramayana Hotel which is in the heart of Kuta- superb location! The only downside was possibly that we could still hear loud music at night from the pubs. But it was manageable.

Well, we did not buy many things but I did get my manicure, pedicure and my hair braided!


We returned to our hotel around 1ish and Ryan and I were dead beat.
We fell asleep while E went to order some awesome tasting burger from room service again.

Next post will be on the wedding!