Pollen at Gardens by the Bay

14 July 2012

It was a lunch date with E’s friends at Pollen, a fancy dining place at Gardens by the Bay.

My Ryan Baby in his new Manchester United jersey.

Waiting for our buggy to Pollen.
We could actually walk to the restaurant but it was drizzling…

Excited about our lunch!


The restaurant opened by a one Michelin star chef, Jason Atherton.
So, of course, E and I went there with high expectations for food quality and service.

Slow-cooked egg, chorizo (or Spanish lap-cheong), patatas bravas
Smoked salmon

Both of them as exceptional in their own way. E likes the egg dish more though. (He was actually trying to with hold his urge to lick the bowl.)


Line-caught John Dory
Roasted pork belly with broad beans, slow-cooked squid, chorizo.

Pork belly at Pollen is definitely one of the best ever tried in Singapore!


Bitter chocolate banana, white sesame ice cream, caramel nitro
 Crispy and burnt lemon meringue with cucumber sorbet

These two pictures were taken from the Facebook page because E and I gobbled up the dessert before we actually remembered to take a picture of each. And yes, I actually like the desserts the most!


After lunch ended at 4ish, we went for a walk at the Flower Dome.
The place was oh-so beautiful!

Ryan had a fun time running around the air conditioned garden. The place was crowded but not uncomfortably crowded. This is possibly because people have to pay entrance fees before they could enter the conservatories. Hmm…

And I also noticed that a good percentage of people there was armed with professional SLRs. Seems like everyone and their mothers know how to work an SLR…


We went to the Cloud Forest next…

I love the Cloud Forest! It is so breath takingly awesome.

I will so pay to enter the conservatories again… In fact, I am considering purchasing the annual pass so that we can visit the Gardens for an unlimited number of times.

Hmm… Ryan looks so happy in all the photos I take with him.

Sleepy boy by the time we ended our walk in the gardens.


Had a snack at some coffee house before we head off to town to collect E’s watch.




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